Devdatta Nerurkar

Character FX TD


Crowd Sim/Rigging Demo Reel

-Reel demonstrating crowd dynamics and rigging

RiggingReel from Devdatta Nerurkar on Vimeo.


Demo Reel Breakdown:

Crowd Simulation of rats (Fall 2009): Independent Study 

-Simulated the behavior of attraction/repulsion using mathematical expression
-Expressions were written in MEL
-Particle instancing was used to create multiple agents
-The initial math for calculating behaviors was based on Dirk Helbings Paper on Social Force model for pedestrian dynamics
-The math had to be modified and alogrithms were written by me from scratch
-I created the rat model and animated it

GUI scripting for character controls (Fall 2009): Independent Study 

-Created a custom GUI using MEL
-The GUI allowed for single/multiple selection with ease
-It allowed to set/delete keys
-It allowed for IK/FK switching and matching
-Fingers and Body IK/FK controls were separated

Facial Rigging(Spring 2009):Independent Study

-I created the rig and GUI for the character in Fall 2008
-Expressions were done using blend shapes
-The software used was Maya 2008
-The model was provided by my instructor Ruth Comley
-Animation was done by Krishna Pandravada and me