Devdatta Nerurkar

Character FX TD


Character FX Demo Reel

-Reel demonstrating character dynamics

Character FX Reel 2013 from Devdatta Nerurkar on Vimeo.


Demo Reel Breakdown:

Dynamics on a bull (Fall 2010): Real Steel 

-Modified base rig to integrate ncloth sim with it
-Set up tail rig using maya hair
-ncloth was used to achieve vibrational motion on the skin

Dynamics on Props/Environment (Fall 2010): Real Steel 

-Set up wire rig using maya hair to simulate loose wiring in robots arms/legs
-Modified cloth sim to simulate interaction with chains/ropes in boxing arena
-wrote MEL script to integrate hair rig module with rig building scripts characters

Dynamics on all characters (Spring 2011): Arthur Christmas 

-Used maya nCloth/Sony's Tango for garment simulation
-Used maya hair for hair simulation and also acquired knowledge of Katana for hair effects
-Simulated wind turbulence on both cloth and hair assets

Dynamic simulation(Fall 2009): Feature Film Percy Jackson & the Olympians:The Lighting Thief
-Worked on two characters- The Fury and Hydra
-For the fury I did dynamic simulation for the wings using maya ncloth
-For the hydra did skin simulation using maya ncloth and fat jiggle using maya jiggle nodes